A little history is in order…

What seems like a lifetime ago, I started a blog (@Vermont) with my then unofficial wife to document our plans to move from Florida to Vermont. All of that content has been moved to Maple Sticks. You can start reading at the beginning here: Hello World! It was initially an effort to share our experiences with friends, family, and others. It turned into the greatest scrapbook of our journey together towards legal marriage (in 2009), two fantastic children (A’s Birth, J’s Birth), and so much more.

We have lived in Vermont now for many years (hence Maple Sticks), a very LGBTQ+ friendly state, where we live our lives without worry of judgement, violence, or other negative impacts related to being a two mom family. But, that has not always been the case and is still not the case for far too many individuals.

In 2017, after many years of sporadic posts and updates, I re-committed to documenting my life and journey but @Vermont no longer fit. I created Maple Sticks because being in Vermont sticks.


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